Training and Supervision Plan (TSP)

Doctoral regulations

According to the Erasmus University doctoral regulations, all PhD candidates must have a Training and Supervision Plan (TSP). The Graduate School advises that PhD candidates and their supervisors to develop and determine a TSP within the first two months of the PhD track. We also recommend that at least 30 ECTS credits in the TSP should be dedicated to PhD training.

Our various departments and groups have their own versions of a TSP which generally contain the following three elements.

1. TSP form

Supervisory agreement form

  • Composition of the supervisory team and the various roles in the team
  • Agreement about frequency of supervisory meetings
    In the first couple of months, meeting your doctoral supervisor once every two weeks is considered a minimum, once every week is preferable
  • Suggestions for courses
  • Teaching responsibilities
  • Signature PhD candidate, supervisory team, chairpersoon of the capicity group and/or director of research

Course suggestions

Beginning PhD candidates

A good start is crucial to the successful completion of any PhD project. In our course offer we have three complementary courses that together help PhD candidates kick-start their research.

In addition, in the first year, PhD candidates will mostly be working on fine-tuning their research plan. Therefore, the Graduate School recommends that they first focus on the following courses:

The majority of our courses have a maximum of four sessions, therefore, doing three to four courses per semester is the recommended maximum. At any stage PhD candidates can make an appointments with our methodology consultant. In the second and following years, PhD candidates can focus further on methodology, philosophy of science and research design courses, and so on.

Formal requirements TSP per faculty as of 2018

The formal requirements for the number of ECTS credits in your TSP vary per faculty and may be subject to change. Always ensure to check the current requirements with your respective PhD coordinator, PhD office or research director

Download overview of the formal requirements TSP per faculty as of 2018

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a standard for the volume of learning and associated workload. One European Credit (EC) equals 28 hours of training.

2. PhD trajectory plan

Schematic assessment plan

  • Overview of scheduled deliverables (i.e. research plan, literature review, papers, articles etc.)
  • Moment(s) for a go/no-go decision

3. PhD portfolio

A definitive schematic overview of all research, teaching and training related activities completed during the PhD.

  • Overview ECTS credits
  • Course certificates
  • Published articles
  • Conference visits
  • Teaching activities