Getting started

Doctoral regulations

All Erasmus University PhD candidates must comply with the EUR doctoral regulations. No matter whether you have an employment contract with EUR or only a hospitality agreement. If you are doing a PhD at EUR, these regulations apply to you.

Please note that the following pages only cover the most important regulations. The EUR doctoral regulations are not required everyday reading but you do need to be aware of all aspects. Ensure to read the full regulations at least once at the start of your PhD project.

Minimum PhD requirements

Erasmus University doctoral regulations

  • Master’s degree; If a PhD candidate does not (yet) have a master’s degree, the doctoral supervisor must submit an application for provisional admission to the PhD programme from the Doctorate Board (Dutch: College voor Promoties) on behalf of the candidate.
  • Two supervisors; Each PhD candidate must have at least either two doctoral supervisors (Dutch: promotoren), or one doctoral supervisor and one daily advisor (Dutch: copromotoren). A doctoral supervisor must be a full professor or an associate professor (Dutch: universitair hoofddocent or UHD).
    • However, an associate professor must first have permission from the Doctorate Board to be assigned as doctoral supervisor to a particular PhD project.
    • A daily advisor must hold the title of doctor, hold a position at a university and be an expert in the academic field(s) concerned.