Uploading your Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) and PhD portfolioBlackBoard online learning environment

Blackboard is the online learning environment of Erasmus University Rotterdam. A learning environment is a web-based tool designed to help manage and improve student learning.

Blackboard offers not only facilities to have structured learning content (web pages, presentations, lecture notes, etc.), but also provides student management, communication and assessment tools, and a range of other useful functions.

Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) and PhD portfolio

According to the Erasmus University doctoral regulations, all PhD candidates must have a Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) and a PhD portfolio. Follow below link for more information.

By uploading your TSP and PhD portfolio to BlackBoard, you can easily access and update both documents as your PhD progresses.

Step-by-step-guideHow to enrol for BlackBoard and upload your documents

Login to Blackboard
Login to myeur.nl with your ERNA-account (include @eur.nl) and click the Login button.

Can't login?
If you have a problem with your ERNA account/password you can contact the IT helpdesk.

+31 1040 88880

Enrolling for the TSP and PhD portfolio BlackBoard pages

In order to upload the TSP and PhD portfolio you must first enroll for the BlackBoard pages. Follow below links to the BlackBoard pages to enrol for each page.

  • Click on the + sign marked Enroll in the left column
  • On the next screen, confirm your enrollment by clicking the Submit button
  • You now have been registered to the course
  • Click OK to go to the page

Uploading your TSP or your PhD portfolio

  • Uploading your TSP or your portfolio works essentially the same as uploading a standard assignment
  • To upload your document click on the Content tab on the left side of the page
  • In the next screen click the TSP upload link
  • Upload your document by clicking the button Browse My Computer under the header Assignment Submission

Updating your TSP and PhD portfolio

  • Log in myeur.nl
  • Select BlackBoard main page
    This is Blackboard's home page after login.

  • Go to the tab My Institution at the top of your screen.
  • You can find and open courses under the module (list) My Courses.
  • You can update your TSP and PhD portfolio by uploading a new version on the respective pages