Reference check doctoral dissertationDoctoral regulations Erasmus University Rotterdam

In line with the Erasmus University doctoral regulations, a reference check of the completed doctoral dissertation must be performed in order to trace any possible case of plagiarism.

The Graduate School offers PhD candidates and doctoral supervisors the resources and a secure protocol for this. The reference check must be performed before the doctoral supervisor grants final approval of the dissertation.

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Step-by-step guide reference check

Step 1: PhD candidate

Step 2:Graduate School

  • Performs the technical reference check:

    • Uploads the manuscript in Turnitin;
    • Creates a unique folder in the secure file storage SURFdrive;
    • Shares this folder with the supervisor(s) and the PhD candidate;
    • Saves the ‘originality report’ and the ‘Checklist reference check form’, and;
    • Informs the supervisor(s) and PhD candidate on the report by sharing the unique folder on SURFdrive.

Step 3:Doctoral supervisor

  • Analyses the reference check report on the basis of the items mentioned in Appendix 1, and depending on the findings, does one of the following:
  1. Fills out the ‘checklist reference check form’ with the assessment, and submits the form and the originality report to the Beadle, along with Form No. 2

  2. Hands the thesis back to the PhD candidate to improve the references

  3. Notifies the Dean or EUR’s Academic Integrity Adviser in the event the PhD candidate’s integrity is in question.

Step 4:PhD candidate

  • Where applicable, follows the PhD supervisor’s advice regarding the outcome of the reference check.

Step 5:Inner doctoral committee

  • Checks whether the report and the PhD supervisor’s analysis result in objections to the PhD candidate being awarded the doctorate.

Step 6:Registrar’s Office / Beadle (Dutch: 'Bureau van de Pedel')

  • Verifies that the procedure has been followed as intended.
  • Checks whether both the reference check report and the PhD supervisor’s assessment are on record.

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