Professionalism and integrity in researchDoctoral regulations Erasmus University Rotterdam

All Erasmus University PhD candidates are subject to The Netherlands Code of Conduct for Academic Practice (PDF), developed by the Association of universities in the Netherlands (VSNU). In order to vow to comply with these principles, EUR PhD candidates are required to sign a declaration of scientific integrity.

The Graduate School offers a yearly full-day workshop during which the principles of professionalism and integrity in research are not only explained, but also thoroughly explored and debated among the participants. The day ends with a signing of the declaration of scientific integrity.

About the workshop

Academic researchers are frequently faced with dilemmas: Can I exclude particular observations from my research? Can I use exactly the same data set for multiple papers? Should I agree on a colleague being a co-author on a paper to which he/she has not made a significant contribution?

To help junior researchers address these issues, the full-day workshop ‘Professionalism and integrity in research’ will seek to raise awareness for, and where necessary help increase, scientific professionalism and integrity.