Imposter syndromeCourses for beginning PhD candidates

Workshop information

Course sessions: 1
Hourse per session: 4
Entry level: Intermediate
Course fee:

  • free for PhD candidates of the Graduate School
  • €160 for non-members
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Telephone: +31 (0)10 4082607

November 28 (Tuesday) 2017
13:00 - 17:00
V building (directions) room VB-02


Have you ever doubted if you are the rightful owner of your accomplishments? Do you sometimes think it must have been a mistake or just luck that you got your article published, received an award, or are making progress with your PhD thesis? That in fact you do not know what you are talking about? Then you – like many young scholars – might be struggling with the impostor syndrome.

Aims and working method

This workshop consists of a lecture, reflective self-assessments, individual assignments, and group discussions. Participants will be asked to reflect on feelings of doubt and insecurity with regard to their work in academia and to share those feelings with the rest of the class.

Learning objectives

  • Understand what the impostor syndrome is and how it manifests itself
  • Understand possible causes and consequences of the impostor syndrome
  • Know avenues which can be explored to deal with the impostor syndrome

How to prepare

No prior reading is required. After the workshop, you will be provided suggestions for further reading.

About the instructors

Dr. Fadi Hirzalla is the Graduate School senior lecturer and methodology consultant. He specialises in quantitative and qualitative methods and methodology, next to his substantive interests in citizenship and new media, with a particular focus on intercultural relations and young people. Prior to joining the Graduate School, he worked at the University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University.

Anne Baker

Anne Baker is emeritus professor from the University of Amsterdam (1988-) but is still working as an academic at the Linguistics Department of the University of Stellenbosch, SA, and at the Department of Deaf Education, University of Witwatersrand, SA.  She has had her own consultancy business since 2013 but was a manager in the academic world for many years. She has worked in many different countries  and has built up considerable expertise in the coaching and training of both groups and individuals, also in multilingual multicultural situations, both from the academic as business world:

Jiska Engelbert

Jiska Engelbert (PhD, Aberystywth) is a critical discourse researcher. Her work explores the relationship between (increasingly) media-oriented practices—from contemporary fundraising to controlling the borders of Europe—and neoliberalism.

In the Department of Media and Communication, dr. Engelbert is the coordinator of the Pre-Master Programme in Media Studies and co-coordinator of the IBCoM Honours Programme.