How to manage your PhD projectCourses for beginning PhD candidates

Course information

Number of sessions: 2
Hours per session: 7 and 3
Entry level: Introduction
Course fee:

  • This workshop is exclusively for PhD candidates of the Graduate School.
  • consult our enrolment policy for more information


    Telephone: +31 (0)10 4082607 (Graduate School).

    You can only enrol for one edition of this workshop.

    Edition 1

    November 7 (Tuesday) 2017
    09.30 - 16.30
    Mandeville building (directions) room T3-32

    May 7 (Monday) 2018
    Sanders building, (directions) room 1-11

    Edition 2

    April 10 (Tuesday) 2018
    Tinbergen Building, (directions), H15-32

    October 9 (Tuesday) 2018
    Mandeville building, (directions), room will be announced soon.


    Your PhD track is going to be a challenging and complex process and there will be several factors influencing (possibly delaying) this process. This interactive workshop will provide you with knowledge, tools and confidence to successfully manage your PhD project.

    You will learn how: 1) to manage your PhD track as a project; 2) to divide your project into phases; 3) to plan your work in advance, and; 4) to continuously monitor progress.

    The workshop will be a combination of theory, discussion and practical exercises. 

    Aims and working method

    The aim of this workshop is to learn how to plan and manage your PhD track, so that you will stay on track and in control over the process.

    The workshop will be held in small groups of no more than twelve participants, which allows you to reflect, discuss and ask questions about your personal situation.

    Learning objectives

    • Apply project management principles to your PhD project
    • Develop and further fine-tune the planning of your PhD project
    • Stay in control and complete your thesis on time

    Session descriptions

    Session 1
    Project management and stressing factors

    • The aim of the first session is to provide you with fundamental knowledge of PRINCE2, a project management approach.
    • We will discuss the importance of a macro planning, dividing your work into smaller parts, planning principles, time management, tricks for continuous monitoring and risk management.
    • We will identify stressing factors that might influence your planning and discuss how personal characteristics can delay progress.

    After this session you will be able to:

    • Understand PRINCE2 project management principles
    • Apply these project management principles to your PhD track
    • Make a solid planning for your PhD track (start with the end in mind)
    • Identify and handle factors influencing your planning
    • Effectively spend your time

    Prepare an overall (i.e. macro) planning for your PhD track.

    Session 2
    Practical reflection

    • The second session will be held 6 months after the first session. During this half year, you will apply the knowledge gained in practice, when managing your PhD track. 
    • This second session will provide you with an opportunity to discuss progress and problems / difficulties you came across with the trainers and with your peers. 
    • This is a highly interactive coaching session. 

    After this session you will be able to:

    • Further fine-tune your planning
    • See your planning as a ‘vivid’ document
    • Stay in control
    • Complete your thesis within time

    Submit an overview of your most up to date macro planning and a list of difficulties / delaying factors you have come across including your solution. 

    About the instructor

    Tamara van Steeden holds a MSc degree in International Management from the University of Twente. She currently works as a senior consultant EU & innovation at PNO Consultants, a grants and innovation consultancy firm.