How to manage your PhD project

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Course information

Course information

ECTS: 1.5 
Number of sessions: 1
Hours per session: 7
Course fee: 

  • free for PhD candidates of the Graduate School
  • € 300- for non-members
  • consult our enrolment policy for more information


Telephone: +31 (0)10 4082607 (Graduate School)

In the academic year 2023-2024 this course will take place offline.

Edition 2 (offline)

March 1 (Friday) 2024
Mandeville building (campus map), room T19-01

Enrolment available from the end of October.


A day with colleague PhD’s that will zoom into the question: How to be in charge of your PhD? What should you manage and how can you be productive and stay motivated?

There will be lots of interaction. We will discuss tools to apply on your project and insights to profit from while doing your PhD research. This is a very interactive, lively and goal-oriented workshop.

Aims and working method

The goal of this course is to become acquainted with several elements of project management. At the end of the course you will have a solid grasp of the scope of your project and possible pitfalls. Collaborating, (assertive) communicating and planning will be easier and more effective. Managing your PhD project will become easier.

Learning objectives

After completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between different styles of communication
  • Manage your time in a more effective and efficient way
  • Develop a workable and productive work-life balance
  • Make a proper Risk Analysis of your PhD Project
  • Acknowledge the pitfalls and motivational setbacks within your PhD
  • Realize that you’re not the only one sometimes struggling with this challenging position (PhD).

Entry level / Relevance

Attending this workshop does not require any pre-existing knowledge or skills. The workshop is however designed and particularly useful for PhD candidates who are at the beginning of their project. Ideally, PhD candidates attend the workshop after 3 months after starting their project (so that they have a more substantive idea of what their project is about and how it can or should be organized) and not later than 1 year and a half after the start of their project (so that they can sufficiently apply the lessons and skills they learned in the workshop on their project).

About the instructors

Jan Pieter Weening knows his way around the world of Academia. He is an experienced trainer/consultant in personal, team and organisational development. In his work he is always looking for better, smarter, cheerfuller ways of leadership and working together. He is very much connected with PhD’s of different universities in the Netherlands, providing chairmanship, guidance and training them in taking charge in their projects. In combining confrontation, authenticity, sense of humour and context his training programmes are often viewed as vivid and purposeful.