Defending your PhD: practice your graduationFinal stages courses for PhD candidates

Workshop information

Number of sessions: 1
Hours of session: 4
Entry level: Advanced
Course fee:

  • This workshop is exclusively for PhD candidates of the Graduate School.
  • Consult our enrolment policy for more information.


Telephone: +31 10 4082607 (Graduate School).


Is your PhD defence date soon approaching? Then don't miss the opportunity to register for this highly interactive workshop. During the workshop, you will practice your PhD defence with an emeritus professor and your peers. You will get hands-on tips and personal feedback, enabling you to defend their PhD dissertation with confidence.

Prerequisite for enrolment

With a maximum of five participants, this highly interactive workshop has a private atmosphere. It is intended for PhD candidates who are nearing completion of their thesis. A prerequisite for enrolment is that the final version of your thesis will be handed over to the doctoral supervisor within five months.

Preparatory assignments

  • 15 minutes (strictly!) presentation of your thesis; you may choose to bring a PowerPoint;
  • In order to enrol, you are required to upload a summary of your own dissertation (500 word maximum); all summaries will be exchanged with the other participants;
  • You are willing to read the summary of the other PhD candidates and to formulate at least one question per thesis, and;
  • Prepare yourself by imagining that you have the position of a committee member at your public defence; what would be the two cleverest questions you would put forward?

Time schedule thesis presentation per PhD candidates

  •     15 minutes (strictly!): presentation of your thesis; you may choose to bring a PowerPoint
  •     15 minutes: question and answer session
  •     10 minutes: reflection and feedback round, personal ‘tips and tricks’

Learning objectives

  • Present your thesis in an efficient and clear way
  • Provide a well-balanced rebuttal to questions on your thesis
  • Defend their PhD dissertation with confidence

About the instructor

Will be announced soon.