Transferable/professional skills

The following courses match your selection

Analytic storytelling

ECTS: 2.5
Number of sessions: 2
Hours per session: 7

Analytic storytelling is a storytelling method for people working with complex content. As a researcher you have to collect, analyse, and structure complex information into a coherent story. To do this, analytic storytelling offers a step-by-step method that will help you deliver a clear and compelling message.

English academic writing for PhD candidates

Number of sessions: 6
Hours per session: 3

The aim of the course is to improve the level of English academic writing skills of the participants, thereby enabling them to produce top quality academic articles and research proposals.

How to get your article published

ECTS: 2.5 
Number of sessions: 4
Hours per session: 3

In this four-day course PhD candidates will be introduced to the requirements of different types of academic publishing: 1) the relevance of bibliometric measures and impact scores; 2) identify journals that are possibly relevant outlets, and; 3) develop a publication strategy for their own PhD trajectory.

Making an academic poster that stands out

Number of sessions: 2
Hours per session: 4

In this two-day course you will learn about the fundamentals of effective writing and visual communication and how to design your own poster with minimal effort.

Professionalism and integrity in research

Number of sessions: 1
Hours of session: 6

Academic researchers are frequently faced with dilemmas: Can I exclude particular observations from my research? Can I use exactly the same data set for multiple papers? To help junior researchers address these issues, this workshop will seek to raise awareness for scientific professionalism and integrity.

All Erasmus University PhD candidates are subject to the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Academic Practice. In order to vow to comply with these principles you are required to sign a declaration of scientific integrity. The declaration will be signed at the end of the workshop.

Self-presentation: confidence, focus, persuasion

ECTS: 2.5 
Number of sessions: 2
Hours per session: 8

In this course, you will develop a toolbox of techniques, which will help you to present yourself as who you are and nothing else: in front of whatever group, with confidence, structure and control. The course consists of presentations, discussions and physical exercises. Participants will receive feedback on self-presentations and preparatory assignments. Many of the exercises make use of gamification, making them fun to do.