Conversations with the Dean

Our Conversations with the Dean series is meant to pay attention to the wider academic development of PhD candidates.

In an informal setting, EGSH dean Esther Rozendaal or one of the Deans of our faculties will host a conversation with Erasmus University scholars and PhD candidates on a theme that has their interest.

Previous themes included Feminism and research, Aging and the city, and the Brain. We warmly invite suggestions for future episodes! 

Edition 1

This conversation will take place online

April 4 (Tuesday) 2023
15.30-16.30 hrs

Recognition and rewards

In this meeting we invite PhD candidates to reflect with us on how we can further develop and improve the university's new perspective about recognizing and rewarding excellence. Traditionally, academic excellence is determined in terms of how many publications staff produce and how many funding they acquire. The university is now activey broadening the spectrum of excellence to domains such as education, social impact, leadership and care for others. More information about this important new policy can be found here.

Hosted by prof. dr. Victor Bekkers
Dean Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Academic lead of the EUR wide committee 'Recognition & Rewards'
Member of the national committee Recognize and Appreciate

Edition 2

This conversation will take place on campus followed by drinks

June 8 (Thursday) 2023
15.00 - 18.00 hrs
Location: Polak building, room Y1-10

Transdisciplinary PhD research

A more profound understanding of today’s complex world can be reached with interdisciplinarity, where research disciplines learn from each other’s knowledge, insights and methods. In this meeting we will reflect on what such interdisciplinary means more concretely, how it can be fostered and organized, but also on possible methodological, epistemological and organizational pitfalls and barriers.

Hosted by:
dr. Esther Rozendaal - Dean Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Humanities