Analytic storytelling

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Course information

ECTS: 2.5
Number of sessions: 1
Hours per session: 7
Course fee:

  • free for PhD candidates of the Graduate School
  • € 695,- for non-members
  • consult our enrolment policy for more information


Telephone: +31 10 4082607

You can only enrol for one edition of this course.

Edition 1

October 28 (Monday) 2019
Mandeville building (directions), room T19-01


Analytic storytelling is a storytelling method for people working with complex content. As a researcher you have to collect, analyse, and structure complex information into a coherent story. However, you also have to communicate your findings, be it in the form of a presentation, a paper, or funding application. To do this, analytic storytelling offers a step-by-step method that will help you deliver a clear and compelling message.

Learning objectives

After this workshop you will:

  • Learn to structure your complex content into a clear story that is well understood and remembered by your audience.
  • Learn to make your story more concrete using techniques from creative storytelling in books, movies and theater.
  • Learn to visualize your story to make it more accessible for your audience.

The resulting skills can be applied to any type of communication for any type of audience (e.g. publications, presentations, grant applications, for peers or laymen).

Teaching method

During the course day, you will learn the Analytic Storytelling method by applying it to your own work. You will receive extensive feedback from the trainer and other participants on the storyline of your project.

The course consists of a preparatory online module (2-3 hours) and assignment followed by a course day (7 hours).

Note: Without following the online module and making the preparatory assignment, you will not be able to participate, so please do so.

About the instructors

All the Analytic Storytelling trainers have a background in science or philosophy and storytelling. They combine analytic skills clear such as clear thinking and argumentation with experience in e.g. creative writing, animations, theater, or journalism.

Arnaud Bom studied philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and creative writing at the Rietveld Academie. He is a copywriter and trainer specialised in storytelling, text structure and clear language.

Priscilla Brandon studied history and philosophy, with a minor in rhetoric and argumentative theory. She graduated from the University of Amsterdam, and is specialised in argument structure and narrativity.

Stijn Cornelissen is a University of Twente alumnus in nanotechnology. He is a trainer in clear thinking and clear communication in research, government and industry.