Doctoral education

Doctoral education programmePhD candidates

EGSH offers four types of courses to PhD candidates: 1) courses that strengthen multidisciplinary thinking and collaboration; 2) methodology courses; 3) process support courses, and; 4) courses that will help you to advance your academic and professional skills.

Doctoral regulations (Dutch: 'promotiereglement')

Multidisciplinary collaboration

The Dean’s Master Class (4 attendances = 5 ECTS-credits) forms the backbone of multidisciplinary collaboration. In quarterly four hour sessions, the Dean of the Graduate School (prof. dr. Liesbet van Zoonen) works with PhD candidates and selected faculty members to explore a theme that cuts across disciplines.

Our courses in advanced research methods (qualitative and meta-analysis, big data, and multilevel modelling) also cut across single disciplines. These course use input from different disciplines, demonstrating to PhD candidates for which elements of their research they can use methods from other disciplines, and how their own methods can, vice versa, feed into other disciplines.

Academic and professional skills

These courses are offered for 2.5 and 5 ECTS-credits and support the specific stage that the PhD candidates are in; while researchers are free to follow each course at their own discretion, the courses are more useful when taken at the appropriate time. Thus in the beginning of their PhD trajectory, candidates take the course How to survive your PhD. This course is followed by a course on presentation and networking skills and the course English academic writing for PhD candidates.

For PhD candidates who are a bit further, we offer cutting-edge courses on Big data analysis and visualisation, and Philosophy of the Social Sciences and the Humanities. We expect that more advanced researchers will be working towards publications and hence offer the courses Popular academic writing and How to get your article published.

For PhD candidates who are at the finale stage of their PhD we offer a course to enhance their employability in or outside of the university environment, and the course Defending your PhD.

Additional courses, workshops and master classes

In addition to our core curriculum course programme, the Graduate School organises extra sessions throughout the year, sometimes in the form of a quick lunch workshop, others times in the form of a longer module.

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