Doctoral education

Doctoral education programme

PhD candidates

The Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Humanities (EGSH) offers over 40 courses and workshops. They are tailored to the various stages of your PhD track and will:

  • enhance your skills and knowledge on methodology and philosophy of science
  • strengthen multidisciplinary thinking and collaboration
  • support you in your research process
  • help you to advance your academic and professional skills

PhD course guide


The Graduate School advises PhD candidates to enrol in close consultation with their doctoral supervisor. This ensures that the selected courses and workshops fit the Training and Supervision Plan (TSP). The Graduate School also recommends that at least 30 ECTS in the TSP should be dedicated to PhD training. Consult the TSP page for an overview of the formal requirements per department.

As a PhD candidate you can follow courses and workshops for free and make us of support services. But please note our strict enrolment and attendance policy  and no-show fee.

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Doctoral regulations

Dutch: 'promotiereglement'

Several elements of the Erasmus University Rotterdam doctoral regulations (Dutch: 'promotiereglement') pertain to PhD training. These are the most important elements:

  1. Training and Supervision Plan (TSP)
  2. Declaration of Scientific Integrity (DSI) (Dutch: 'integriteitsverklaring')
  3. Reference check (Dutch: 'plagiaatscan')