The new Dutch Telecommunications Act has been in force since 5 June 2012. This means that every website is legally obliged to inform its visitors about the use of any cookies and must request permission to use them. The website of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) also uses cookies.

A cookie is a quantity of data sent by a server to the browser with the intention of having the latter store that data. On a subsequent visit to our site, the stored data are sent back to the server. This enables the server to recognize the browser and to retrieve certain data on any subsequent visit.

Not personal data

The cookies which are stored on your computer and which enable you to be recognised on any subsequent visit to our website do not include personal data. They only contain a (unique) number and, for that reason, cannot be used to identify you personally. Nor can our cookies be used to identify you on websites of third parties.

How we use cookies

Disabling cookiesThe Erasmus University Rotterdam’s website uses cookies solely for the purpose of updating web statistics. This information enables certain improvements to be implemented and the website to be adapted to the needs of the visitor. Therefore your data will not be used to ascertain your identity, but merely to analyze your visit to our website.

If you object to the Erasmus University Rotterdam using cookies, you can disable them using the pop up box in the bottom left of your screen. This will not affect your use of our website in any way.

Cookie chart

Name Term of validity Purpose
s_cc 1 session; closes when the browser is closed. Is read by JavaScript to determine whether cookies are enabled.
s_cq 1 session; closes when the browser is closed. Contains information about the previous link used by the user.
s_nr 1 session; closes when the browser is closed. Is used to determine whether the visitor is new or is returning.
s_prevsite 1 session; closes when the browser is closed. Tracks page navigation on the website.
_utma 2 years Determines your unique ID. Updated on every return visit.
_utmb 30 minutes Establishes and continues a session using previous data.
_utmz 6 months Records path to website. Keeps track of search engine traffic, advertising campaigns and page navigation.