PhD Council survey 2019-2020

The Erasmus Graduate School for the Social Sciences and Humanities’ (EGSH) PhD Council presents the findings of the 2019–2020 PhD satisfaction survey in two reports:

The objective of the survey was twofold. Firstly, the survey aimed to gather feedback on the educational programme and services of the EGSH from all PhD-candidates who are currently a member of the EGSH. The survey contained questions on different aspects of the course programme and the EGSH PhD handbook. Secondly, the survey aimed to gather questions, issues and thoughts current PhD Candidates felt should be addressed by the EGSH PhD Council.

One of the focal points of last year’s council was the mental health and well-being of PhD candidates at EUR. Therefore, the survey contained a section with questions specifically aimed at this topic, which resulted in the separate COVID-19 report. The survey consisted of a combination of multiple-choice questions, scale questions and open-ended questions.

The survey was distributed among all EGSH PhD members on June 1st, 2020.